The James River Soil Conservation District provides services to producers interested in including conservation practices into their daily operations in Dickey County.  The Soil Conservation District encourages and assists all producers to conserve their natural resources.† Working in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, services are provided throughout the county.† The Dickey/LaMoure Watershed Program also partners with the district in watershed areas that are under the 319 program.

Contact usóPhone: 701-349-3534, ext. 3

Fax: 855-561-7866

E-mail: renee.schlosser@nd.nacdnet.net

Text Box: Board Members (Back) left to right:  Dale Strobel, Keith Kronberg, Brad Sand. (Front) left to right: Perry Bollum and Grant Petersen

The James River Soil Conservation District is comprised of five board members. Three members are elected by the general public to hold office for a term of six years.† Two members are appointed yearly to serve on the board.† Board members meet once a month at 1:00 PM on the second Thursday of each month.† Meetings are located in the conference room of the USDA building, and are open to the public.

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